Thanks! New Update Coming Soon

First of all, I want to thank all who played this game, and brought this to the front page of the store. You all have been a great support. I really hope you all liked the game, and would return to try the updated versions.

Coming to the updates, I have started working on some minor changes, bug fixes, and cosmetic changes as well. I have also added a few more easter eggs. I'll release the updated version once there amount to something substantial together, and I feel confident about them. However, this update will mostly contain smaller changes. 

Don't worry, as I have already planned some big updates, like adding some more items, a few more easter eggs as well as some major improvements under the hood. My JS skills are still rough, so, they'll take some more time though. 

I hope you look forward to the updates, and while you wait, why not give another shot at becoming the BTC King

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